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Eric Nuzum has a consistent record in audio, broadcast, and podcasting that few have matched. He HAS DEVELOPED A NUMBER OF ICONIC PROGRAMS AND BEEN ON THE FRONT LINES OF INNOVATION IN THE EVOLVING PODCAST ECOSYSTEM.


Eric Nuzum is a rare combination of creative leader and thinker with an unparalleled track record of invention, driving transformation, and getting amazing things done.

He is considered a leading “go-to” expert in audio, podcasting, radio, and spoken word entertainment. Always a step ahead, Eric Nuzum is a creative strategist who delivers impressive growth, fresh ideas, and innovative approaches to problem solving, as well as articulating pathways to clear and measurable success.

He started NPR’s podcasting efforts in 2005 and remained its leading creative and strategic force for the following decade, turning it into a massive source of audience and revenue. He brought programs like Fresh Air with Terry Gross, Snap Judgment, and Wait, Wait...Don’t Tell Me into the podcasting ecosystem and helped them become iconic hits. As a creator, he developed some of NPR’s most successful podcasts, such as TED Radio Hour and Invisibilia. He continued his track record of success during his tenure as Audible’s leader for short-form content and podcasting, creating such recognized podcasts as Sincerely X (another co-production with TED), The Butterfly Effect with Jon Ronson, and Where Should We Begin? with Esther Perel. Eric is currently writing the first published book on audio and podcasting creation, titled Think Like They Listen, for publication by Workman Publishing in 2019.


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He has deep relationships, trust, and good reputations within the creative community, which makes Eric a draw for top talent and great ideas. While it is not uncommon for a podcast producer to have a successful program, the number of producers who’ve created multiple innovative hits can be counted on your fingers--including Eric. Most producers specialize in one specific skill and don’t have a lot of experience in taking responsibility for the whole lifecycle of a project. Eric does.



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