PODCAST/SHOW AUDITS, training, and mentoring


There are a lot of passionate organizations and people in podcasting and digital audio who need help to unlock their potential. Some are new to audio and podcasting; others have started out but feel stuck trying to figure out how to achieve broader impact and success. I’ve been there. I can help.

I think I’m at my happiest working with creative teams, on the ground, helping them build new ways to think and create, solving problems, and guiding them to realize their potential.

I have spoken around the world at conferences, talks, training sessions, and retreats about audio and podcasting.

I focus my talks on practical, clear, and inspiring ideas that creators can take home and immediately put to use.

I customize almost every workshop I present, but have taught repeatedly on

  • Audio storytelling skills and techniques.

  • New show development tactics and tools.

  • Industry trends and opportunities.

  • Leadership of creative teams.

  • Podcasting and the state of the podcast industry.


For clients, I work with you to develop...

  • Conduct audits on current podcasts and audio shows.

  • Training for staff on creating for digital audio and podcasting.

  • Workshops with creative teams to improve the quality of their concepts and work.

  • Bespoke mentoring for creative leaders and teams working to achieve specific and measurable outcomes.