Let’s go into the studio (or out into the field) and make something fantastic together. I can provide production help for your work, help connect you to best-in-field artists and production staff, or help you get started through distribution-quality piloting.

“I’ve often heard it said that the attention paid to the last 10% of a project is what differentiates ‘good’ efforts from ‘great’ efforts. I disagree. ‘Great’ requires attention to 100% of a project.”

I loving making things. To be more specific, I love making great things.

I have worked across a number of audio genres from true crime narratives to live comedy to event music recording, from trivia shows to interview programs to guided meditations. All my work has one thing in common: a relentless dedication to detail.

Whether you are just testing concepts and talent, rendering a pilot episode, or diving into full production, I can ensure your vision is articulated to the highest levels. Working with you, I can oversee and coordinate any or all of the following:

  • Selecting and crafting the right projects.

  • Put together the right team of producers, editors, writers, reporters, sound designers, and talent to execute.

  • Assess and deploy internal talent.

  • Tap into large network of freelance contributors.

  • Oversee all elements of production.

  • Design killer launch plan to maximize impact, revenue, and awareness.

  • Build marketing and sales plans, as well as secure the right external vendors and sales support for project.

  • Work with internal and external marketers and communications to establish building blocks of awareness and audience building.