I work with others to articulate vision, set strategy, create goals, conceptualize projects, and tactical planning around their organizational and digital audio initiatives. I facilitate and lead groups of leaders, staff, board members, and internal/external stakeholders to envision the future.

I want to hear about your vision for how spoken word audio helps build your organization’s future. I can help you chart the course to make that happen.

Great success comes from a vivid and clear vision. Vision requires a decisive and specific strategy on how to get there. Not wishes, guesswork or hopes--but actually proven, conclusive ideas that generate amazing results.

I have two decades of experience being on the leading edge of defining success and trajectory in the audio space, always working to stay one step ahead.

Success in digital audio isn’t solely about revenue, it’s about building relationships with listeners and delivering influence in a digital world. Let’s figure it out together.

For organizations interested in podcasting, I help...

  • ...define “what you sound like” in audio that matches the brand characteristics, standards, aesthetics, and values.

  • ...guide you through establishing a plan for your presence in audio.

  • ...select the right projects, right partners, and right opportunities to achieve success.

  • ...build audio extensions of your current brands.

  • ...develop new audio projects.


For broadcasters, podcasters and others already in the audio space, I help...

  • ….identify new growth opportunities, audience-building, and revenue generation.

  • ...define the “next level” for your work--how to make it exponentially bigger and bolder, fast.

  • ...establish new opportunities for your shows, teams, and talent in the digital space.

  • ...align your digital brand, prominence, and power to the level of your broadcast brand.

  • ...develop new and innovative on-air and digital programming that uses your organization’s unique collection of skills and experience.